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Emission Testing, Diagnosing and Repair
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Auto-TechWhen you receive the notice saying your car must pass the Ontario Drive Clean emissions test before you can get your new license plate sticker ... relax.   Auto-Tech is an accredited Drive Clean test & repair facility.  We'll make the inspection trouble-free for you, and have you on your way without delay.

Here's what will take place, and how easy it will be:

A Drive Clean-certified technician will ease your vehicle onto a dynamometer (see image below), a kind of treadmill.  One end of an exhaust hose is inserted into your car's tailpipe, the other to a machine that measures the output of pollutants like nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.  The dynamometer's treadmill will then be engaged to simulate driving conditions during which your car is tested and compared to emission standards for its year, make and model, with some allowances made for its actual age.  The test results interface with a super computer at the Ministry of Transportation, and are recorded on a printed form - a copy of which we sign and give to you.

That's it.  Done! While it may sound complicated, the Drive Clean test is a routine undertaking for the skilled technicians at Auto-Tech, and at only $35.00, it's affordable for every motorist, and a small price we can all pay to help safeguard our environment.

Auto-Tech If your vehicle fails it's test, rest assured that the staff at Auto-tech are fully qualified and experienced at diagnostics and repairs.  We will accurately determine the problem and fix it right the first time!  No guesswork!

It is very important to know that a problem with the emission control system of your car is something that should be repaired as soon as possible after it occurs. If your "Check Engine" light comes on, it is most likely due to a problem with the emission system.  If you continue to drive the car without fixing the problem, in addition to polluting the air you risk damaging a very expensive catalytic converter.  There is no question: sooner is better from every perspective when it come to emission control repairs.

Auto-Tech Are you familiar with the shocking statistics concerning pollution that were released by the Ontario Medical Association (OMA)?  They say every year air pollutants in Ontario kill 1900 people, and result in 9,800 hospital admissions, 13,000 emergency room visits and 47 million sick days for employees.  That's in only one year!   And they found a particularly strong correlation between occurrences of childhood asthma and exposure to pollutants from motor vehicles.  It's all so very tragic and sad.

Findings like those in the OMA study make all of us here at Auto-Tech proud to represent Ontario's Drive Clean Program in the Mississauga area.  We hope to make the Drive Clean experience an easy one for you.  Please call us to schedule a convenient time for your vehicle's test soon after receiving the notice from the Ministry of Transportation.  That way we can all breathe a little easier.


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