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Suspension and Alignment
Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday

Suspension and alignment problems often go unnoticed by a driver until things get really dangerous, because their condition changes so slowly that people just get used to them.

Auto-Tech If you can keep your awareness level sufficiently high, suspension and alignment problems will produce the following noticeable symptoms:
  • The car will roll or sway excessively on turns.
  • The front end "dives" when braking.
  • The rear end "squats" when accelerating and sits low with normal loads.
  • Excessive bouncing or sideways slides on rough roads.
  • Your vehicle "bottoming out" on bumps.
  • The tires will squeal on sharp turns even at moderate speeds.
  • Car will "wander" when going straight, especially on a rutted road.

Once you take your vehicle to Auto-Tech the first things that we look for are:

  • Leaks on housings.
  • Dents on the struts or shock bodies.
  • Worn rubber mounting bushings.
  • Worn or broken springs.
  • Worn out ball joints & tie rod ends.
  • Abnormal tire wear.
  • Damaged compression bumpers.
  • Damaged protective boots.
Auto-Tech Loss of control of any vehicle will endanger lives of others on the road.  If you are concerned about your car, call us today.  We will carefully examine your car and give you the options you want to rectify the situation.  We have a computerized four-wheel alignment machine that will get your vehicle going down the road straight and true.

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