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Brake System Repair and Maintenance
Hours of Operation: 8:00 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday

The leading cause of traffic accidents is brake failure!   And brake failure is nearly always preventable.

Auto-Tech How many times a week do you hear about an accident where the "driver lost control of the car"?  This is often caused because the brakes on each wheel have different degrees of effectiveness due to wear and/or neglect, which cause a sharp pull when the brakes one jammed on in an emergency.  They may seem to work "not to badly" under normal driving conditions, but any sort of panic stop or slippery road conditions sets the stage for a serious accident.

When it comes to brakes, preventative maintenance is very important. A yearly brake service will keep your car safe and pleasant to drive, as well as minimizing repair costs over the long run.

Stop worrying about potential failures and enjoy peace of mind.  Auto-Tech is a brake specialist.  Come in for a brake inspection. We will check:

  • Pads and shoes for wear
  • Drums and rotors for wear
  • Wheel cylinders and calipers for leaks
  • Hydraulic lines and hoses for leaks, kinks and blockages
  • Fluid in the master cylinder for level and condition.

We prefer to use OE (original equipment) or the highest quality aftermarket parts. They cost more than the many levels of aftermarket parts that we were designed and manufactured with price as the primary consideration, but they will perform satisfactorily.  Trust us when we tell you the cheap parts will not.  In some cases they cost more in the long run because they damage other components.

truck breaks Checking your brake system regularly will often save you in the long run. Replacing worn pads before they damage the disks or drums is a modest cost. If you wait until your car is sounding like a streetcar, you will likely have more extensive repairs and a higher cost.

If any work is necessary, we will give you a choice of parts. A better grade of materials (pads for example) may be one of the best bargains around. They will last longer and perform better then standard or economy grades. You are in control. Both here at Auto-Tech and on the road when the need arises.

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