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The All-Important Oil Changes
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Every one from your father to your buddies to your bank manager has said to change your oil regularly.  Well, everyone at Auto-Tech will join the chorus, there is nothing more important.   Your engine generates temperatures in excess of 200 degrees, or higher.  Your motor oil lubricates and helps to cool your engine and needs to be in good shape to handle those temperatures.

Over time motor oil loses some of its viscosity (it's ability to lubricate).  We recommend that you change the oil in your vehicle every 5,000 kilometers.  Just call us at Auto-Tech.  We can change your oil this time or set up a schedule for you to regularly have your oil changed with the seasons, or each month depending on your driving habits.

And be sure to check your oil regularly. The proper fluid level is important to have your engine function at its peak efficiency and avoid serious damage.

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